From Wednesday the 5th until Friday the 7th of November KWS POTATO presented her  varieties and upcoming stars to the growers and customers from all over the world.


After the opening of the Polder Station in 2013, this was the second variety exhibition at the new location – the Polder Station in Nagele/ The Netherlands. Since last year, KWS POTATO has further invested in the future of the company. These investments do not limit itself to bricks and mortar or in this case glass, steel and concrete, as e.g.  a new  modern 3000m2 greenhouse has been added to the facilities. No, the most important investments since last year were made in the organization and in the development of new potato varieties. These  varieties have been presented in the warehouse of the Polder Station during the three KWS POTATO DAYS. The focus of the event was on the key market segments; French Fries, Crisps and Table Export.

Around 550 guests visited the exhibition to get informed about the development of existing and new varieties/seedlings. Customers representing the international processing industry and the potato trade worldwide were informed by the KWS POTATO sales-, production- and breeding team about the detailed characteristics of the broad range of potato varieties.  Specific topics such as productivity, quality, disease resistances or stress tolerance  could be discussed while studying the varieties which are well equipped with these characteristics. The KWS POTATO DAYS allow the relations to see the potatoes life on stage or in boxes and to have an insight in the companies innovations.

With the newcomers, ARIATA KWS, LEONATA KWS, LEVINATA KWS and BONNATA KWS this event could also emphasis for the first time the new naming approach of KWS POTATO. All varieties have the ending of –ATA which refers to the Spanish term PATATA, as the Spanish conquerors discovered the potato first in South America in the first half of the 16th century.

The Friday of the yearly event is always with a special focus on the growers, which are multiplying the seed potatoes on contract for KWS POTATO. Lots of Dutch seed potato growers took the chance to visit and exchange with their responsible Area Manager about the varieties of their interest.

Next to the variety presentation all visitors could enjoy a variation of cold and warm snacks made from –of course- potatoes and a drink at the cozy bar made of the big wooden potato boxes. 

KWS POTATO looks back on three successful days welcoming many national and international visitors who showed  lots of interest in the varieties, the team and the KWS POTATO company.